World Medical Association (WMA)

The JMA joined the World Medical Association (WMA) in 1951 and attended the 4th WMA Stockholm General Assembly that year. It is now active as one of the permanent Council members of the WMA. Approximately 650 JMA members are also associate members of the WMA. The WMA is a non-governmental organization that represents physicians all over the world. While respecting different national traditions, it develops connections to address global health and medical issues. The WMA discusses issues concerning medical ethics, socio-medical affairs, and other important topics at its Council meetings and general assemblies every year. It has produced the Declaration of Geneva, the Declaration of Helsinki, the Declaration of Lisbon, and many other statements so far.

World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki (English)

In 1975 and 2004, the JMA hosted the WMA Tokyo General Assembly with the main themes "Development and Allocation of Medical Resources" and "Advanced Medical Technology and Medical Ethics / Progress in Information Technology and Health Care", respectively.

With the rapid development of advanced medical technologies, the WMA is in a position to contribute greatly to the health of all people on a global scale by addressing many urgent issues. In this sense, the JMA's international cooperation activities through its participation in the WMA are both extremely important and meaningful.

The JMA also serves as the Pacific Regional Secretariat for the WMA.

Health Professional Meeting (H20) 2019

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Health Professional Meeting (H20) Report
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H20 Meeting Summary

International Conference on Health Database

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