About the payment of donations to physicians afflicted by the disaster who are providing healthcare services in evacuation shelters and other locations

1. Eligible payment recipients

Physicians (regardless of whether they are JMA members) who are engaged in providing healthcare services as volunteers at evacuation shelters, first aid stations, and other sites in areas to which they themselves have evacuated because they are physicians from Iwate, Miyagi, or Fukushima prefectures who lost their home or place of work or suffered other damage as a result of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake or because they are physicians whose home or place of work is within the evacuation zone or the stay-indoors zone established in association with the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident.

2. Application requirements and process

  • Donations will be given out for healthcare services rendered on a monthly basis, beginning with payment for March, 2011.
  • In principle, JMA members shall apply to the prefectural medical association to which they belong and non-members shall apply to the medical association in the prefecture in which the evacuation shelter or other site where healthcare services were rendered is located.
  • Applications shall be made on a monthly basis and should be submitted during the month for which the application applies or by the following month.

3. Payment amount and method

  • A flat 300,000 yen as payment for one month
  • Each prefectural medical association shall provide cash payments using funds remitted by the Japan Medical Association to the Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima medical associations.

The time when payments will be concluded shall be decided in view of matters such as the amount of collected donations and actions taken by the government.

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