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Vol.54 No.3 May-June 2011

JMA—President's Speech

Policy Address
Katsuyuki HARANAKA
JMAJ 54(3): 141-143, 2011

JMA Policies

Japan Medical Association Team's (JMAT) First Call to Action in the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake
Masami ISHII
JMAJ 54(3): 144-154, 2011

Conferences and Lectures

Sexual Health Education for School Children in Japan: The timing and contents
JMAJ 54(3): 155-160, 2011

Current Status of Crimes against Children/School Students and Its Countermeasures in Japan
JMAJ 54(3): 161-163, 2011

Current Status of Sex Crimes and Measures for the Victims in Japan
JMAJ 54(3): 164-167, 2011

The Current Status of and Measures against Drug Abuse in Japan
JMAJ 54(3): 168-171, 2011

The Challenges of Building a Safe School Environment
Daisuke FUJITA
JMAJ 54(3): 172-174, 2011

Early Detection of Families Needing Support and Actions for Parenting: The infant health program of Mie Medical Association
Hitoshi OCHIAI
JMAJ 54(3): 175-179, 2011

Supporting Child-rearing in the Community: Efforts of Nakano Medical Association, Tokyo, Japan
Masaoki YAMADA
JMAJ 54(3): 180-185, 2011

Research and Reviews

Cumulative Vaccination Coverage for the 1st, 2nd, and Booster Doses of Stage I Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination in Japan: Results of Year 2009 Nationwide Survey
Naohide TAKAYAMA, Hiroshi SAKIYAMA, Nobuhiko OKABE, Satoshi UMEMOTO
JMAJ 54(3): 186-190, 2011

From the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences

Japan Society for Medical Education (JSME): Its activities and current topics
Nobutaro BAN
JMAJ 54(3): 191-193, 2011

New Technologies in Oral Science
Tsuyoshi TAKATO
JMAJ 54(3): 194-196, 2011

University Medical Associations in Japan

Activities at the Nihon University Medical Association
Junnosuke RYU
JMAJ 54(3): 197-199, 2011

Introducing Simulation Education to the Process of Training Doctors
Masahiro TANABE
JMAJ 54(3): 200-203, 2011

From the Editor's Desk

From the Editor's Desk
Masami ISHII
JMAJ 54(3): 204, 2011

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