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Vol.54 No.4 July-August 2011

JMA Policies

The Continuing Medical Education Program of the Japan Medical Association:
Its history and future prospects

Hiroshi MIKAMI
JMAJ 54(4): 205-209, 2011

Conferences and Lectures

CMAAO Ad-hoc Committee Meeting on Task Shifting and Strategy for Continuous Development of Medical Practice

JMAJ 54(4): 210-212, 2011

List of Participants
JMAJ 54(4): 212, 2011

Rapporteur's Report―CMAAO Ad-hoc Committee Meeting on Task Shifting and Strategy for Continuous Development of Medical Practice
Dong Chun SHIN
JMAJ 54(4): 213-214, 2011

[Speech 1―Abstract]
Current Issues of Medical Community and Leadership of Organized Medicine

Tai Joon MOON
JMAJ 54(4): 215, 2011

[Speech 2―Abstract]
Task Shifting―An emergency measure for an emergency situation

JMAJ 54(4): 216-217, 2011

[Lecture 1―Abstract]
Task Shifting―Applying to the local context

Hajime INOUE
JMAJ 54(4): 218, 2011

[Lecture 2―Abstract]
Task Shifting―Recent updates in Japan

Masami ISHII
JMAJ 54(4): 219, 2011

[Lecture 3―Abstract]
Task Shifting―The Philippine experience

Oscar D. TINIO
JMAJ 54(4): 220, 2011

CMAAO Policies
Proposed CMAAO Statement on Task Shifting (Tokyo Statement)

JMAJ 54(4): 221-222, 2011

Health Policy Symposium "The 50th Anniversary of the Introduction of Universal Health Insurance Coverage in Japan: Toward its future"

The Light and Dark of Healthcare in South Korea
Tai Joon MOON
JMAJ 54(4): 223-228, 2011

2009 Maternal and Child Health Seminar "Toward the Realization of the Japan Medical Association Child Support Declaration IV"

The Uniqueness of Humans and an Anthropological Perspective
JMAJ 54(4): 229-233, 2011

The Perinatal Care System in Japan
Nobuya UNNO
JMAJ 54(4): 234-240, 2011

Research and Reviews

Comparative Anatomy of the Larynx and Related Structures
JMAJ 54(4): 241-247, 2011

Diagnosis of Voice Disorders
Koichi OMORI
JMAJ 54(4): 248-253, 2011

Tissue Engineering for Voice Disorder
Shigeru HIRANO
JMAJ 54(4): 254-257, 2011

Gene Therapy for Voice Disorder
JMAJ 54(4): 258-262, 2011

From the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences

International Activities and Recent Research Topics of the Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science
Hisanori KATO
JMAJ 54(4): 263-265, 2011

University Medical Associations in Japan

International Diploma Course in Dermatology―Education of dermatologists and sexually transmitted disease specialists in the Asia-Pacific region
Hideoki OGAWA
JMAJ 54(4): 266-268, 2011

From the Editor's Desk

From the Editor's Desk
Masami ISHII
JMAJ 54(4): 269, 2011

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