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Vol.57 No.1 January-February 2014

Conferences and Lectures

Feature: Harvard School of Public Health Takemi Program 30th Anniversary Symposium

Congratulatory Messages

Yoshitake YOKOKURA
JMAJ 57(1): 2-3, 2014

Masami ISHII
JMAJ 57(1): 4, 2014

Michael R. REICH
JMAJ 57(1): 5, 2014

Keynote Speech

Reflections on the Takemi Program, Past and Future
Michael R. REICH
JMAJ 57(1): 6-9, 2014

Session 1

Power of Community Health in Implementing the Universal Health Insurance System in Japan
Masamine JIMBA
JMAJ 57(1): 10-14, 2014

Session 2

Disaster Medicine From International Health Perspective
—The Takemi Program as the origin of the Japan Medical Association Team—

Takashi NAGATA
JMAJ 57(1): 15-18, 2014

Session 3

Maternal and Child Health
—Work together and learn together for maternal and child health handbook—

JMAJ 57(1): 19-23, 2014

Session 4

What Has Made Japan Healthy?
—Contributions of local and governmental health policies—

JMAJ 57(1): 24-27, 2014

Session 5

Post-2015 Contemporary Issues—The example of obesity—
JMAJ 57(1): 28-31, 2014

Panel Discussion

Masamine JIMBA, Naoki KONDO, Takashi NAGATA, Yasuhide NAKAMURA, Michael R. REICH, Taro YAMAMOTO
JMAJ 57(1): 32-35, 2014

Closing Address

Fumimaro TAKAKU
JMAJ 57(1): 36, 2014


Humanitarianism and the JMA
—In memory of Dr. Albert Schweitzer and Dr. Taro Takemi—

Masami ISHII
JMAJ 57(1): 38-39, 2014

Research and Reviews

Reconstruction of the Radiation Emergency Medical System From the Acute to the Sub-acute Phases After the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Crisis
Mayo OJINO, Masami ISHII
JMAJ 57(1): 40-48, 2014

Capacity Building Toward Evidence-Based Medicine Among Healthcare Professionals at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, and Its Related Institutes
LE Thi Quynh Nga, Aya GOTO, TRAN The Trung, NGUYEN Quang Vinh, NGUYEN Thy Khue
JMAJ 57(1): 49-55, 2014

International Medical Community

The 28th CMAAO Congress in Delhi
JMAJ 57(1): 56-57, 2014

From the Editor's Desk

From the Editor's Desk
Masami ISHII
JMAJ 57(1): 58-59, 2014

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