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Vol.58 No.1&2 June 2015

Special Feature: Home Care Services


Historical Changes in Home Care Service and Its Future Challenges
Hisayuki MIURA
JMAJ 58(1·2): 1-5, 2015

Current Conditions and Issues for Home Care Support Clinics
Hideki OHTA
JMAJ 58(1·2): 6-9, 2015

Regional Collaboration in Home Care Services
Naohiro TERADA
JMAJ 58(1·2): 10-14, 2015

Visiting Care by Family Physicians
Hiroshi SUZUKI
JMAJ 58(1·2): 15-18, 2015

The Present Situation and the Problem of Visiting Nursing: Team Care Management of Pressure Ulcers in the Elderly
Tazuko INOUE
JMAJ 58(1·2): 19-22, 2015

Long-term Care Insurance Act and Home Care
JMAJ 58(1·2): 23-26, 2015

Infection Prevention and Control at Home
JMAJ 58(1·2): 27-30, 2015

Nutritional Management in Home Care: Including Eating Disorder and Dysphagia Assessments
JMAJ 58(1·2): 31-35, 2015

Home Respiratory Management: From COPD to Neurological Diseases
JMAJ 58(1·2): 36-39, 2015

Home Rehabilitation
Fujiko HOTTA
JMAJ 58(1·2): 40-43, 2015

Death, Dignity, and the Significance of Home Hospice Care
Yasuyoshi NINOSAKA
JMAJ 58(1·2): 44-47, 2015

Current Situations and Problems of Home Care for Children
Yoshiyuki TANAKA
JMAJ 58(1·2): 48-52, 2015

Efforts of Medical Associations to Support Home Medical Care Services: Case of the Nagasaki City Medical Association
Yutaka SHIRAHIGE, Yasuhiko OKU
JMAJ 58(1·2): 53-55, 2015

Home Medical Care That a Local Medical Association Works On: The Case of Itabashi Medical Association, Tokyo, Japan
Megumi SATO, Satoshi AMAKI
JMAJ 58(1·2): 56-58, 2015

Efforts of Medical Associations to Support Home Medical Care Services: The Case of the Shizuoka Medical Association
JMAJ 58(1·2): 59-61, 2015

Efforts of Medical Associations to Support Home Care Services: The Cases of Ichikawa City and Chiba Prefecture Medical Associations
JMAJ 58(1·2): 62-63, 2015

From the Editor's Desk

From the Editor's Desk
Masami ISHII
JMAJ 58(1·2): 64, 2015

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