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Vol.58 No.3 September 2015

JMA—President's Speech

Policy Address
Yoshitake YOKOKURA
JMAJ 58(3): 65-68, 2015

Research and Reviews

Health Literacy Training for Public Health Nurses in Fukushima: A Multi-site Program Evaluation
Aya GOTO, Alden Yuanhong LAI, Rima E. RUDD
JMAJ 58(3): 69-77, 2015

Study of Global Health Strategy Based on International Trends
—Promoting Universal Health Coverage Globally and Ensuring the Sustainability of Japan's Universal Coverage of Health Insurance System: Problems and Proposals—

Takashi HATANAKA, Narumi EGUCHI, Mayumi DEGUCHI, Manami YAZAWA, Masami ISHII
JMAJ 58(3): 78-101, 2015

International Medical Community

Looking Back on My 44 Years with Japan: Connecting with Medicine, Public Health, and International Health
Michael R. REICH
JMAJ 58(3): 102-110, 2015

Participation in Relief Activities in the Aftermath of the Great Nepal Earthquake and Disaster Reconstruction Assistance
JMAJ 58(3): 111-113, 2015

Report from the Junior Doctors Network on the WMA Council Session and JDN Meeting, Oslo 2015
JMAJ 58(3): 114-116, 2015


Managing a Narrow Escape from Death
JMAJ 58(3): 117-120, 2015

From the Editor's Desk

From the Editor's Desk
JMAJ 58(3): 121, 2015

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